Glossary of Electric Utility Industry Terms

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Heat Rate – The measure of efficiency of a thermal generating plants based on 1 kWh equaling 3413 BTUs.

Henry – The unit of measurement for inductance. One coil or device has one Henry (1H) when current changing at one Ampere per second produces 1 Volt. Henry is named after Joseph Henry (1797 – 1878). Joseph Henry was one of the scientists who discovered that magnetic fields can be used to produce alternating current. Inductance is represented by the letter L.

High Leg - In a 3-phase delta-connected system, the phase that has a voltage between itself and ground that is 1.73 times higher than the voltages between the other two phases and ground. It is also called the bastard leg, power leg, wild leg and stinger. (CAEDS, EDS)

High Pot – A high-voltage test used to determine the quality of electrical insulation. (CAEDS, EDS, IESO)

High Side – The high-voltage side of a transformer. (EUSO, CAEDS, EDS, IESO)

High Tension Line - A historical term used to identify high-voltage transmission lines. The term “high tension” is not used in North America, but is still used in other areas of the world. (EUSO)

Hot Stick – A fiberglass pole, that is an insulator, used by line and substation crews to work on energized or “hot” power lines. (EUSO, CAEDS, EDS, IESO)

Hot Sticking – Using a fiberglass pole, that is an insulator, to work on energized or “hot” power lines.

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