EUBO - Electric Utility Business Operations

Who Should Attend?
What Does the EUBO Class Cover?

Electric Utility Business Operations (EUBO) is designed for a half-day or full-day format.

Who Should Attend?
The EUBO class is designed for any employee whose job performance will benefit from a basic understanding of the business and operations side of the utility.

This includes those electric utility employees from legal, rates, engineering, purchasing, computer application, marketing, customer service, inventory control, finance, accounting, safety, risk analysis as well as those from generating plants.

What Does the EUBO Class Cover?
In order for an electric utility employee to have a solid understanding of the electric utilitty business, they must understand the history and context for why things are they way they are today. The EUBO class begins with a brief overview of electricity and electric utility development, starting with Thomas Edison and following a key-events timeline into the modern-day electric utility.

Not only do students learn key events in the development of the electric utility industry, but they also begin to establish a framework of fundamentals that gives them a greater context for what they do in their jobs today and the many different types of electric utilities.

EUBO also covers the full system of electric generation, transmission and distribution, providing students with a key understanding for how power is generated and is transported to customers. This portion of the class explains the different methods of power production along with the many steps electricity takes to get from the power plant to the light switch.

The business of electric utilities deals with legislative and regulatory issues. And sometimes these issues are controversial and not well understood by the public at large. This portion of the class explains how utilities are regulated and how they work within the legislative process to better educate the employee on the importance of electric policy, key laws and how certain types of utilities are governed.

EUBO then explains the internal relationships that exist within the electric utility and how each department works independently and together. This portion of the class covers every major department within an electric utility, from engineering and IT, to customer service, meter reading and billing, EUBO explains the intracacy and necessity of each department and how they work together.

Lastly, EUBO ends with a unique interactive game that places the students in role-playing positions, utilizing all the information they previously learned throughout the class. The game begins with a number of electric utililty scenarios, challenges and developments, each with a variety answers that the students must choose from. As the students select solutions to the developing problems, the game progresses in a specific direction with each series of questions building on each other.

By the game's conclusion, students will have worked in teams, solving problems and thinking about how the electric utility business functions and what their fellow employees have to go through in certain situations.

This final interactive experience cements the learning process by applying previously learned information to real-world situations and is a truly unique and impactful way to make students think about their role, the role of their coworkers and the role of the electric utility business in all that surrounds it.

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