Attend one of the following regional classes sponsored by the utility associations listed below. The regional classes currently scheduled for 2007 are:





Mar 10-12, 2009

Orlando, FL



EUSO - Electric Utility System Operation class designed for all employees.
EDS - Electrical Distribution Systems class designed for employees in technical jobs. CAEDS - Customers Aspects of Electrical Distribution Systems class designed for account executives and customer service representatives.

NWPPA - Northwest Public Power Association. (2-day format for the EUSO)
FMEA - Florida Municipal Electric Association
IAMU - Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

Or for other regional training or In-House Training, please view the options below.

Option 1         Option 2          Option 3

Option 1
Ccontact your training department to see if bringing the class in-house is feasible. PTS will work with your training staff to make it a smooth and enjoyable process. The number one goal of a training department should be to ensure that the employees have the best training available. We help accomplish this goal!

Option 2
If your training department is not responsive, have your department sponsor a class. As an incentive, at least one department employee will receive a free enrollment in the class. With this option, you would have four responsibilities that should take a total of no more than 45 minutes.

1.) provide a room equipped with a large white board (dry erase board), two flip charts with new pads of paper, and two 5-foot tables at the front of the class for demonstration items. Preferably the room would hold 30 or more people, but at least 24 people.
2.) If the room is at a facility at which refreshments are not available such as a fraternal lodge, you would be asked to provide the names and telephone numbers of two or three caterers.
3.) Forward an e-mail advertising the class to all other employees at your utility.
4.) Deliver the course manuals to the training room. These manuals would be shipped to you from PTS prior to the class.

PTS would then act as a training department. We provide all advertising. For larger utilities we advertise only within the utility because we are positive we can easily obtain the minimum of 24 people that we need. For smaller utilities, we also advertise in neighboring utilities in order to get the 24 people.

We handle all registrations and confirmations. We arrange the refreshments. If there is a charge for the classroom, we pay the charge. We provide the instructor and training manuals. After the class, we invoice the students.

Option 3
Just as the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA), the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) sponsor classes for their members throughout the U.S. and Canada, your association can do the same. (NWPPA sponsors classes in the western Canadian provinces. In the U.S., NWPPA sponsors classes in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.)

Contact a local or regional association and urge them sponsor a class. Examples of these types of associations would be public power associations; municipal electric associations; and associations for accountants, purchasing professionals, engineers or customer service managers. The utility employee who initiates one of these classes receives free enrollment in the class for him- or herself, and one other employee.

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